September 25, 2021

Been almost a month since I started a new save and this Cole family is on a long, slightly edited, lifespan. Ryan and Katherine are both level-5 celebrities, have tiles on the Walk of Fame, three kids, and just surpassed $1 million! They’re expecting another baby and I think my game wants me to continue with Hadley. Here are the Cole kids in order of oldest to youngest.

Asher Garrett Cole

He grew up with that hairstyle and I actually like it!

Hadley Camryn Cole

She’ll be a teenager in 25 days. Don’t think her father’s ready for that! LOL!

Benjamin Lucas Cole

He aged up the same day as Asher. The new baby, Tristan Spencer Cole, hasn’t arrived yet.

You can see more on them here

The family gets bigger!

Ryan and Katherine decided to add to their family and have given Ben something he didn’t have last year: Sisters! Hadley is a child and is 21 days younger than Ben. Their baby sister Samantha, or Sammy Jo as Ben calls her, was born last night!

Winterfest when Hadley was a toddler

Here’s Hadley now, and a photo of her baby sister!

Hadley Raine Cole
Samantha Jo Cole

The Cole Legacy: 2021

I decided to start over and, for a little more fun, play on a long lifespan. It’s now been four sim-years and not only have I put Ryan and Katherine through college, but Ryan reached the top of the medical career! Here are pics from yesterday.

Benjamin Cole is back!

Yup! Benjamin Cole is back with a new set of genes! He’s also on the verge of gaining a baby sister, Hadley Rayne Cole. Below are a couple pics of Ben and Mom playing with the family dog, Red Bear.

Red Bear as a puppy, getting cuddles from his tiny master.
Katherine teaching a grown-up Red Bear to sit. He’s stubborn!

Red Bear was born in CameronLineage’s legacy story.

The Cole Family: 2020

The old legacy has made a comeback, but some family members no-longer exist…. Yet. Ryan, Katherine, their son Ben and his wife and three kids have returned!

Grandma Kathy teaching her two granddaughters the art of cross-stitching

The Originals!

I’ve been playing my Cole family that I made 7 years ago, just the founders though, and they’re expecting a baby girl like in the OG Cole family.(shown below) The first photo is my original Cole legacy, with some editing to everyone.

L-R: Kamryn* and Ryder Cole, Katherine and Ryan Cole, Rebekah, Madison, Brett*, and Ryan Coleman
*I changed some of their names to what’s shown last year.

Should I bring back Ryan and Katherine’s two kids, Madison and Ryder, or use different names? They’re currently expecting a daughter, like back then! ❤

Still Going Strong!

I’m still playing the same save and it’s gotten bigger! Here’s what the family looks like today!

Edited by CameronLineage Thank you so much! ❤

Thank you so much CameronLineage for editing this photo. There’s Ryan with Ben in his arms. Marie-Anne front and center, Mom Katherine holding Maggie. Ben is the baby of the family.

Original Legacy: With A Twist

The Cole ‘story’ I started last July is no more due to unfortunate circumstances. I’ve been replaying the founders on a long lifespan, with encouragement from two of my friends(you ladies know who you are) and you can follow the latest information on my game here:

The Coles

The new legacy is almost a real-week old and I’m happy with it. I sent both Ryan and Katherine to college(Culinary Arts degree from Foxbury Institute for her and a Economics Degree from UBrite). They’re now married and, after a few failed attempts, have a baby girl named Marie. Ben will be making a comeback, but as a younger sibling for a change.


Four months and counting!

I started a preface of sorts for my Cole Legacy on August 7, 2020. I gave up writing but I’m still playing the family! It’s been almost five months and you can follow them here to be updated on what’s going on. Ben lived a long life! So long, in fact, that he died after becoming a great-grandfather to a pretty little girl named Nichole. I’m currently playing her and she followed in his footsteps and became an actress, but she writes books in her spare time. She won a Starlight Accolade award for one of her books!

Nichole Hadley Sheridan giving her speech after her first win!

Cole Family story

I like to think my family is pretty normal. I have a mom and a dad. We even had a dog for a while. His name was Bear and he was my best friend. We were together for the better part of eight years until he passed away at the age of 13. He was five when my parents gave him to me.

I was born in the desert town of Oasis Springs, where my dad, Ryan Cole, still works as a Scientist. His job is so crazy that he’s even been abducted by aliens! Or so he says. Yeah, I didn’t believe him either. My mom, Katherine, is the Dean of Admissions at the University of Britechester and it’s because of her that I worked hard to get good grades.

I love my parents but being their only kid got lonely as I grew up, especially after Bear died.

My dad had traveled all the way to Windenberg to buy him from the Cameron’s! Yeah, that’s right. The Blaine Cameron! His music is what got me into joining Drama Club in elementary school. Silly, I know, but I love music and I love acting. My dad wants me to do something more practical, like go to college to become a doctor or an educator, like my mom. *Insert eyeroll here*

I guess growing up with my parents wasn’t all that terrible. We took trips to Sulani, which held a special place in my parents’ hearts, as my dad had proposed there.

Hey, that’s me at age three! Mom plucked me away from that crab before it pinched me.

Anyways, today was my eighteenth birthday, which means that I finally finished high school! This is what I look like today.

And this is where my story begins.

**Bear the dog was created by The Cameron Saga. Link to her story is in mine. ❤ I like to think the Cole’s gave Bear a good life.

Bonded Forever After

“Childhood is not from birth to a certain age and at a certain age The child is grown and puts away childish things.

Childhood is the kingdom where nobody dies.”

Edna St. Vincent Millay


Carpe Noctem. For those who don’t know, those two words are Latin for the phrase ‘Seize the Night’. Sounds like a well-known quote, right? Well, it’s not so funny to me anymore. But I’m getting ahead of myself. My name is William Noctem and I’m here to tell you what happened after I met Caleb Vatore.

Caleb seemed like a decent guy at first, until I found out that he and his sister Lilith- I think that’s what her name is- were vampires. Yes: Blood-drinking, powerful creatures of the night!

As I’ve said before, my name is William Noctem and this is the story of my life as a newborn vampire.

**Note: This is a better introduction and I changed his name from Constantine Willoughby to William Noctem.

Sims 4